Information for Teams

The hosts of the 2022 Science Olympiad National Tournament extend our congratulations and a warm welcome to all teams qualifying for this highest level of competition! On this page, you will find links to information about the competition and tournament festivities.

If your team didn't qualify for the 2022 National Tournament, don't close this page yet! While the competition is only for qualifying teams, many festivities, such as our social media contests, STEM Expo, and Science Olympiad $50K Founders' Scholarships, are open to everyone!

Important Documents

Important documents including the congratulations letter, team numbers, and tournament program will be posted to the 2022 National Tournament page on the Science Olympiad website. Note that the document with team numbers was updated on May 6, 2022.

Important Documents Congratulations Letter Team Numbers Roster Form

Tournament Updates

To maintain open communication with all coaches and participants, we've dedicated an entire page for records of previously sent coaches communications, answers to frequently asked questions, and a place to ask any remaining questions that your team may have. Click the button below to head over there!

Tournament Updates

Competition Day (May 14, 2022)

We've dedicated an entire page for details pertaining to the big Competition Day. This page includes details about the tournament's Satellite SO format, event modifications, submission procedures, and more. Click the button below to head over there!

Competition Day

Tournament Festivities

More than just the competition! The 2022 National Tournament is packed with festivities for everyone, with social media contests in the months leading up to the tournament, daily STEM Expo events during the week preceding the tournament, scholarships, and more! Use the links below to learn more!

Social Media Contests - Monthly contents on our social media accounts with chances to win Science Olympiad swag for yourself!

STEM Expo - Daily Expo Talks given by Science Olympiad alumni, college-going panel discussions, webinars, special contests, awards announcements and prizes!

Opening Ceremony + Parade of States - Kick-off the competition, featuring you! Share your team's spirit with our Science Olympiad nation through the Parade of States!

Awards Ceremony - Recognizing our top event performers and top overall teams. Which teams will take home this year's championships?

Awards + Scholarships - Science Olympiad $50K Founders' Scholarships, prizes for event winners at the Awards Ceremony, and Coaching Excellence Awards with free registration to the Science Olympiad Summer Institute (SOSI)!

Smart to be Good Program - Join Science Olympiad and Caltech in supporting its partnership with a local charity, and show your Science Olympiad spirit to those who need a hand. It's Good to be Smart, and Smart to be Good!

Global Ambassador Team from Japan - The 2022 National Tournament continues Science Olympiad's almost a decade long partnership with Japan and its Global Ambassador Team!


Student’s Pledge

I pledge to put forth my best effort in the Science Olympiad tournament and to uphold the principles of honest competition. In my events I will compete with integrity, respect, and sportsmanship towards my fellow competitors. I will display courtesy towards Event Supervisors and Tournament Personnel. My actions will exemplify the proud spirit of my school, team, and state.

Coach’s Pledge

On behalf of the coaches and assistants at this tournament, I pledge to encourage honesty and respect for tournament personnel, our fellow coaches, and other team members. We want our efforts to bring honor to our community and school.

Parent’s Pledge

On behalf of the parents and spectators I pledge to be an example for our children by: respecting the rules of Science Olympiad, encouraging excellence in preparation and investigation, supporting independence in design and production of all competition devices, and respecting the decisions of event supervisors and judges. Our examples will promote the spirit of cooperation within and among all our participating teams.

Event Supervisor’s Pledge

On behalf of my fellow supervisors and tournament personnel, I pledge to run my event with fairness and respect for the participants and their coaches. Our actions will reflect the principles of the Science Olympiad program and display the pride we feel as representatives of our colleges, universities, companies, states or organizations.

Scoring Process

At the conclusion of the Science Olympiad National Tournament Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, May 18, 2022, a copy of the final scores for the tournament will be posted to this page. A team's head coach has one hour from the end of the Awards Ceremony to submit compelling evidence of a scoring inconsistency using the Team Ranking Inquiry Form. If the evidence is verified, the appropriate points, medals and trophies will be awarded for that team only. Thinking that your team "did better" than scores reflect is not considered compelling evidence. Teams will not be asked to return awards or relinquish any points. Scores for the 2022 Science Olympiad National Tournament are not official until they are posted on the Science Olympiad website as Official Results. For more information about scoring please see Science Olympiad's Policies page.

Tournament Results

Final tournament results are now available. Congratulations to our Division B Science Olympiad National Champions, Sierra Vista Middle School from Irvine, California and Division C back-to-back Science Olympiad National Champions, Mason High School from Mason, Ohio!

By Rank Order - Division B By Team Number - Division B Top 6 By Event - Division B By Rank Order - Division C By Team Number - Division C Top 6 By Event - Division C